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Shangrila Made in China

Shangri-la Made in China (2)

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Last week on Asia Calling, we heard about a popular tourist town in south-west China called Shangri-la.

Its evocative name, and its beautiful landscape on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau, have been attracting more and more domestic and foreign tourists in recent years.

But for locals, it’s sometimes been hard to get a share of the tourist dollars.

With poor levels of formal education, and no skills related to tourism and hospitality, many people have been left out of this new economy.

But, as Elise Potaka finds out, one small not-for-profit training college is trying to change all that.


Last Updated ( Monday, 08 February 2010 09:53 )

Shangri-la Made in China

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The word “Shangri-la” has long conjured up images of a peaceful, spiritual haven high up in the Himalayas.

It was popularised by British novelist, James Hilton, back in the 1930’s with his adventure tale, “Lost Horizon”.

But what happens when you pin-point Shangri-la on the map, and claim it’s a real place?

Well, one small county in southern China has done just that.

Elise Potaka has the story.


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 10 February 2010 13:54 )