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Private Security a Booming Industry in Asia

More Malaysians Say ‘In Guards We Trust’

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Download  Take a drive around any residential enclave that surrounds the capital Kuala Lumpur and one thing becomes clear.

The men in florescent green vests outnumber the men in blue.

Private security is booming in urban Malaysia and it is not a good sign.

Our correspondent in Malaysia finds out why.


Last Updated ( Monday, 26 July 2010 14:46 )

Private Security a Booming Business in Pakistan

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Download  Private Security is a booming business in Pakistan.


There are now more than 600 private security companies operating across the country.


Almost all of them are run by retired armed forces and police personnel.


While the companies are making a good profit from the insecurity in the country the security guards themselves say they are earning very little and are on the frontline.


Mudassar Shah meets some of them in Peshawar.

Last Updated ( Monday, 19 July 2010 13:13 )