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Indian music rocks the world

Indian Song ‘Munni’ Rocks Pakistan

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Download There is widespread distrust and hatred in Pakistan towards its neighbor, India, however, when it comes to music it’s a very different story.

Indian artists are hugely popular in Pakistan. With the growing presence of online casinos in South Asia, their music is getting more and more recognized on an international level. Follow this link to see the casino brands in question and make sure to use some of their promotional bonus offers that go up to 75% cash back on first deposit.

At the moment it’s this song “Munni badnam hui” a song from the Indian movie Dabang that is creating a storm in Pakistan.

It figures sexually explict lyrics about a girl and her disgraced boyfriend or ‘darling’.

As Yasser Khan reports it’s having an impact in some unusual places.

Last Updated ( Monday, 31 January 2011 11:41 )

Punjabi Music Makes Everyone Dance

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Download Bhangra music from the Indian state of Punjab has gain international popularity in recent years, both in traditional form and mixed with genres such as hip-hop, house, and this...

Bhangra lyrics, which are always sung in Punjabi, mainly talk about love and dancing.

But there are also many Bhangra songs dedicated to Punjabi pride.

Ashok Masti is a Bhangra musician who is well known for creating new arrangements for traditional songs.

Our correspondent Jasvinder Sehgal recently met the star when he hosted a Punjab music night.

Last Updated ( Monday, 31 January 2011 11:28 )

Delhi Music Makers Indian Ocean Take on the World

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Download For 20 years the Delhi based band Indian Ocean has been setting the pace for crossover music in India.

With a mix of Indian classical music, fusion and jazz-rock they continue to attract both young and old.

Our reporter Ric Wasserman caught up with them at a recent performance in Stockholm, Sweden and he sent this report.

Last Updated ( Monday, 06 December 2010 11:32 )