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Earth under threat: the impact of climate change

July 8th, 2007 by Rebecca Henschke 

The world’s leading climate change experts predict the earth’s temperature will increase by 3 degree centigrade this century. While that does not sound like much, the impact will be dramatic.Our correspondents traveled to some of the remotest parts of Asia to report on the impact global warming is already having on the people and wildlife of the region.

Philippine fishing communities in hot water as coral die

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Climate change is hitting coral reefs hard, turning once vibrant diving and fishing locations into bleached shadows of their former glory.

This is putting in jeopardy millions of people’s livelihood.

Ariel Carlos joins fisherman in Palawan in the Western Philippines to see the damage that has been done.


Cambodian farmers struggle with longer dry seasons

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Cambodia’s government says its economic will be badly damage by global warming.

80 percent of the population are farmers and they reply heavily on the rainy season.

As Khortieth Him reports, longer dry seasons are taking their toll.

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Indonesia smokes out the lungs of the world

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Indonesia’s rapid clearing and burning of peat-land forests has contributed to its ranking as the world’s third biggest polluter of green house gases.Ironically it’s the expanding Palm Oil industry that is fuelling the rapid deforestation.

Palm oil, mixed with diesel to produce bio-fuel, was hailed as a potential saviour for the environment; a clearer alternative to fossil fuel.

However closer investigation reveals peat-land forests are being cleared to make way for the plantations…. sending huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Rebecca Henschke travelled across Central Kalimantan to see first hand what’s taking place.

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Indian poor the hardest hit by Climate Change

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The world’s leading climate experts have issued their bleakest forecasts of the impacts of global warming, predicting glacier melt in the Himalayas and reduced crop yields and cholera outbreaks in South Asia.According to the UN Panel on Climate Change, Asia’s heavily-populated mega delta regions will be at “greatest risk of flooding from the sea as well as from the rivers.

The report predicts the earth is likely to warm by 3 degrees centigrade during this century.

Our correspondent Vinod K. Jose reports from New Delhi on what that means for India.


Climate change reaches the roof of the world

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China is now the biggest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions, surpassing even the United States.And China is feeling the negative impacts of global warming.

Scientists recently discovered that temperatures in the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau, know as ‘the roof of the earth’ are increasing.

Studies show that the temperature has increased by 0.2 degrees Celsius in the last 30 years, and while it doesn’t seem like much, the effects on the environment have been significant.

Glaciers are melting, grasslands are disappearing and as Elise Potaka found out one of China’s most revered lakes is shrinking.

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