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Desperate Nurses in Bangladesh

Thousands of Bangladeshi Nurses Demand Jobs

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Download   Recently on Asia Calling we heard how a group of Bangladesh nurses threaten to burn themselves alive if their demands for employment weren’t met.

At the last minute, the Minister of Health promised to address their grievances and they went home...still without jobs.

But while the striking unemployed nurses have gone home, they haven’t given up the cause.

Bangladesh Ric Wasserman investigates the causes of the nurses’ strike and began by taking a look inside one of the country’s hospitals.


Last Updated ( Monday, 24 May 2010 15:22 )

Desperate Nurses in Bangladesh Stage Hunger Strike

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In Bangladesh, there are four doctors for every nurse.

According to the World health organisation there should be at least three nurses posted against a doctor.

But in Bangladesh there is only one nurse per eight beds.

While thousands of well trained nurses cannot find work.

This week they reached the breaking point and took to the streets, staging a hunger strike demanding immediate change.

They threatened to set themselves on fire in if their demands weren’t met.

Our reporter in Bangladesh, Ric Wasserman has the story.


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