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Bangladesh Battles its Past and Future

Bangladesh’s Long Wait For Justice

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In 1971 East Pakistan began its war of independence with West Pakistan, a nine-month conflict in which of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of Bengali's were killed or murdered.

From this struggle Bangladesh was born.

But the legacy of the killings carried out at the hands of Pakistan's auxiliary forces continues to this day, with many demanding justice for what they refer to as genocide.

Now 38 years on, after repeated failures the countries government says it is ready to prosecute those responsible for the genocide.  

On a recent visit to the capital Dhaka our reporter Katie Hamann met with families of those who were killed and others pushing for the establishment of a war crimes tribunal.

She asked them why it has taken so long and whether justice can finally be achieved.


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Islamic Militancy: Bangladesh’s Elephant in the Corner

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Like many countries in the region Bangladesh has witnessed the growth of Islamic militancy in recent years.

Fueled by resentment over the war in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as anger at the lack of development militant groups have found fertile ground for their ideas, particularly in rural areas where some of Asia’s poorest people live.

On a recent trip to the capital Dhaka, our reporter Katie Hamann explored why militant Islam has growing appeal in Bangladesh and just what the government is doing to fight it.

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