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A Circle of Violence in Khasmir

Kashmiri Anti-government Protests Spread to the Capital

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Download  The situation in the Indian controlled Kashmir remains tense with no respite in clashes between local protesters and Indian Security Forces. 

The death toll now stands at 51.

The continuous civilian killings are now evoking protests from Kashmiris living outside the valley.

Bismillah Geelani has the story.


Last Updated ( Monday, 16 August 2010 11:13 )

A circle of violence in Kashmir

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Download  It’s been almost two months since the current spate of violence erupted in Indian controlled Kashmir over the killing of a youth by Indian security forces.

But the valley still shows no signs of restoration of returning to normal.

The situation has in fact worsened over the last few weeks with Indian security forces security forces killing more protesters.

More than 40 people mostly young children have died so far and the valley continues to remain trapped in a vicious cycle of violence.

Bismillah Geelani has the story.


Last Updated ( Monday, 09 August 2010 17:34 )

Hindu Pilgrimage in Muslim Kashmir a Sign of Tolerance

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Download  The annual Hindu pilgrimage to a holy cave in Indian controlled Kashmir has begun amid rising tension in the valley.

The religious journey has for centuries been viewed as a symbol of religious tolerance.


The faithful are all Hindus but those facilitating the journey are mostly Muslims.

But three years ago, the pilgrimage site was at the centre of a land transfer row that increased tensions between Hindus and Muslims and lead to the revival of the separatist movement.


Some separatist groups now want the pilgrimage to be cut short.


Bismillah Geelani reports from the pilgrimage site 100 kilometres south of the provincal capital.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 03 August 2010 16:42 )

Kashmiri Youth Swap Guns for Stones ‘What Else is Left for Us?’

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Download  India has been largely successful in crushing the two-decade long armed revolt against its rule in the disputed Kashmir region.

Authorities say only a few hundred militants are now left in the valley.

But the security forces fighting the insurgency are now facing a new challenge in the form of stone-throwing young Kashmiris.

Though stone pelting as a form of protest has a long history in Kashmir in recent months the valley has seen a sudden intensity in the activity resulting in many deaths.

From Kashmir’s capital Srinagar, Bismillah Geelani has the story.


Last Updated ( Monday, 26 July 2010 16:32 )