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Burma’s Missing Children

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Download According to the United Nations over 900 children each year in Myanmar are rescued from the hands of human traffickers.

While these lucky ones are reunited with their families, many are still missing.

As the country's borders are opening up now that a reform process is under way - there are fears that this will enable human trafficking to rise.

NyiNgal speaks to one family who are still searching for their daughter...

Last Updated ( Monday, 01 April 2013 14:35 )

Exclusive Interview with Thein Sein: From Junta Elite to Nobel Nominee

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Download Since coming to power in 2011 Myanmar’s President Thein Sein has made dramatic reforms.

So far his administration has freed hundreds of political prisoners, held an historic parliamentary election and relaxed censorship laws.

The 67-year-old former general has promised that democratic reforms in Myanmar are "irreversible".

He recently spoke with the Democratic voice of Burma – a media organization who was banned and their journalists thrown in jail by the military.

Khin Maung Win the Deputy Director of DVB begins by asking the President if he will revise the controversial constitution that gives 15 percent of the seats in parliament to the military.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 23 March 2013 18:17 )

Burmese Journalists Condemn Government's Latest Attempt to Control Media

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Download Burmese journalists have been enjoying greater press freedom since the Censorship Board was formally abolished in January.

But recently, the government announced a new draft law on printing and publication.

The proposed law comes just days before Burma is to allow private daily newspapers to operate for the first time.

Moe Moe has more from Rangoon.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 23 March 2013 18:33 )

Art as a form of protest in Burma

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Download Exhibitions are now showing political art openly in Burma.

As the old censorship laws are being relaxed, protest groups are using art to spread their message.

An exhibition to fundraise for a copper mine protest in northern Burma was held in Rangoon.

Helen Regan went to speak to one of artists.

Last Updated ( Monday, 18 March 2013 16:54 )

Thousands Evicted to Make Way for Burma’s Economic Zone

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Download More than 30 thousand people will be forced to move to make way for the massive Thilawa Special Economic Zone.

It’s a joint project between Burma’s Chamber of Commerce and the Japanese Trade Organisation.

The residents claim they have not been fairly compensated.

But the authorities say they will be sent to jail if they refuse to leave.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 09 March 2013 16:17 )
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