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April - Juni 2009

April - June 2009

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Program on June 27th, 2009    Download - Listen

In today’s program, Burma’s Karen rebels face off against the ruling military junta. We ask how women are coping in Pakistan’s refugee camps. And we hear from some of our listeners across the region. (Rebbeca Henschke)

Program on June 20th, 2009    Download - Listen

In today’s program, we hear why some Afghan presidential candidates are being barred from running. Also Pakistan’s female traffic police: confronting dangerous drivers and suicide bombers. And a giant, pre-historic species of elephant is discovered in Indonesia. (Katie Hamann)

Program on June 13th, 2009    Download - Listen

In today’s program, North Korea rocks the boat again, literally. Threats from the ocean also for Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta. And preserving Beijing’s historic buildings.(Katie Hamann)

Program on June 6th, 2009    Download - Listen

In today’s program, we remember Tiananmen Square 20 years on. Also we celebrate World Environment Day. And Indian students under attack in Australia. (Katie Hamann)

Program on May 30th, 2009    Download - Listen 

In today’s program, South Koreans mourn the death of their former President. Also Pakistan and Afghanistan revive a forty-year old trading agreement And a new Chinese film about the Nanking massacre provokes some strong reactions.(Katie Hamann)

Program on May 23th, 2009    Download - Listen

In today’s program, India’s Congress Party is invited to form government once again. Also local efforts to protect Indonesia’s coral reefs. And Hip-Hop music, inspiring Cambodia’s youth.(Rebbeca Henschke)

Program on May 16th, 2009    Download - Listen

In today’s program, we visit Pakistan’s camp with ten of thousands people fled of the fighting between military and Taliban. Also the slow construction of hearts and minds one year after China’s Sichuan earthquake. And the role of the world’s ocean can play in slowing global warming. (Rebecca Henschke)

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