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From Street Kid to Grad Student: Willie’s Story

ای میل چھاپیے پی ڈی ایف
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Download William Ignasius Rettob is an Indonesian former street child who is now working full time and studying at university.

Adopted at birth, his host parents died when he was 15 years old.

His hometown in Ambon was then rocked by sectarian violence between Christians and Muslims.

Nearly 10,000 people died.

He left for the capital Jakarta with a man who promised him an education. Instead he was forced into child labor. 

He managed to escape and ran to a church, they then handed him over to a crisis centre for street children called ‘Puspita’ and it’s there that he turned his life around.

Rebecca Henschke has his extraordinary story.

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انڈونیشین دیہات کو روشن کرنے کا منصوبہ

ای میل چھاپیے پی ڈی ایف


انڈونیشیاءکی اقتصادی شرح نمو میں عالمی کساد بازاری کے باوجود کمی دیکھنے میں نہیں آئی، تاہم اس سے عام افراد مستفید ہوتے نظر نہیں آرہے اور ابھی بھی چالیس فیصد افراد کو بجلی کی سہولت میسر نہیں۔ مگر ایک خاتون اس صورتحال کو تبدیل کرنے کیلئے کوشاں ہے۔ اسی بارے میں سنتے ہیں جکارتہ انڈونیشیاءکے ریڈیو kbr68h کی آج کی رپورٹ


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Indonesian Fisherman Puts Australia Government On Trial

ای میل چھاپیے پی ڈی ایف
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Download Australia has an aggressive approach to managing its maritime borders.

Fishermen from neighboring Indonesia who are caught fishing in traditional fishing grounds that extend into Australian waters are charged, fined and sometimes jailed.

Their boats are burned on the spot - leaving them with huge debts and no way to pay them back.

In 2009 more than a thousand boats were destroyed.

Now one of the fisherman who was unjustly punished is fighting for compensation in a land mark legal case in Australian.

Rebecca Henschke has the story from Kupang in East Indonesia.

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Indonesian Children Jailed in Australia for People Smuggling

ای میل چھاپیے پی ڈی ایف
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Download The Australian government is under intense pressure to stop boats carrying asylum seekers from war-torn countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has vowed to ‘smash the people smuggling model’.

There are long mandatory jail terms for those caught bringing the illegal migrants into Australian waters.

Only four out of the around 400 people arrested over smuggling offences have been organisers of criminal syndicates.

The rest were crew members on asylum seeker vessels, usually deckhands and cooks.

They were recruited from remote villages in Indonesia and some of them are children.

Rebecca Henschke travelled to the southest-most part of Indonesia, Rote Island, to hear their stories.

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جکارتہ کی گلیوں میں بندروں کے سرکس پر پابندی کی کوششیں

ای میل چھاپیے پی ڈی ایف


انڈونیشیاءکے دارلحکومت جکارتہ کی مقبول ترین چیزوں میں بندروں کا سرکس بھی شامل ہے، جس میں بندر انسانوں کی طرح کام کرتے ہوئے نظر آتے ہیں۔ اس سرکس کے خلاف مہم بھی چل رہی ہے۔ اسی حوالے سے بلٹین میں شامل ہے خصوصی رپورٹ

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