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Burma’s Controversial Election

‘No Choice’ for Burmese People in Upcoming Election

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We heard last week on Asia Calling that there are divisions amongst opposition groups in Burma over whether to boycott the government’s planned elections later this year.

This week we hear what the average Burmese person feels about the upcoming poll.

Ronald Aung Naing has been speaking with people in the border town of Mae Sot.


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Burmese Opposition Groups Debate Joining Election

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The Burmese opposition is divided over whether to join or boycott this year’s general elections being promised by the military government.

The elections would be the first in 20 years when the opposition party the National League for Democracy victory was ignored by the military junta.

Ronald Aung Naing travel to the Thai border town of Mae Sot to speak with the different opposition groups ahead of the election.


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Burma’s Undemocratic Election

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Burma's military leader Than Shwe has urged people to make what he called the "correct choices" when elections are held at some point later this year.

According to a Japanese newspaper the regime has set the date of the 10th of October for the elections.

They will be the first since 1990, when the military refused to recognise the opposition's victory.

Ronald Aung Naing finds out what the landmark election means to the Burmese community in Thailand.


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