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Asia Calling


Curious to know what is happening around the region?


Tune in to Asia Calling and get an insight into what is happening in this dynamic and fascinating part of the world.


Produced by award-winning Indonesian radio news agency KBR68H since 2003, this one-hour weekly current affairs radio program covers a wide range of stories that highlight the political, economic, social and cultural diversity of the region.


With thirty correspondents scattered across Asia, Asia Calling goes behind the headlines to show how major developments are affecting people’s lives, providing nuanced and carefully balanced insights into stories that are often largely missed by other media.


Produced in English, Asia Calling is today translated into 10 Asian languages and broadcast by 321 radio stations throughout the region.


Asia Calling, your window on Asia.




KBR68H is Indonesia’s first and only independent national radio news agency. Established in April 1999, today KBR68H produces 9 hours a day of information and education based programming to over 750 radio stations and 22 million regular listeners across Indonesia and Asia, making it by far the biggest radio network in the country.


Among programs produced by KBR68H are interactive talk shows on legal reform and human rights, health, decentralization, environment, religious tolerance and economics. A toll free phone number and text messaging facility encourages participation in KBR68Hs programs by listeners regardless of their economic, social or political status, or geographic location.




KBR68H has received a variety of domestic and international awards for its work. In May 2009, it was awarded the 2008-2009 King Baudouin International Development Prize ‘for its contribution to a sustainable development based on the strengthening of democracy, tolerance and citizen participation, by producing and disseminating qualitative information through a network of local radio stations and by promoting professional ethics in the media world.’







0 # 2011-05-22 01:32
Your Asia Calling online stories sometimes carry good pictures. But it's irritating that we cannot view the details pictured in the tiny frames. Could you not do something so that by clicking on one image the readers can also view it in a bigger frame, maybe in a separate pop-up window?

Thank you,
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