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Vietnamese Bloggers Face Harassment

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Download Vietnam is said to have the fastest growth in Facebook users anywhere in the world.

It's just one sign of the explosion in internet use in Vietnam, where millions of blogs have popped up in recent years.

But as web use grows, so does the government's intolerance of dissent.

A major new report shows that political bloggers in Vietnam are routinely subjected to detention and harassment.

Zoe Daniel reports for Radio Australia.

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Gay Photo Exhibit Marks Progress in Vietnam

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Download “The Pink Choice” is the first of its kind, a photo exhibition of homosexual couples in Hanoi. 

On display are 45 intimate pictures of gay Vietnamese couples, which provide an insight into their everyday lives.

It comes at a time when the Vietnamese government has said it’s considering legalising same-sex marriages. 

 If that happens, Vietnam would be the first country in Asia to do so.

Hanoi staged its first Gay Pride in August this year, but the issue of gay rights is still very new in Vietnam.

And as D.O. Lee reports from Hanoi, the exhibit is an eye-opener for many Vietnamese.  

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Calls for Release of Detained Vietnamese Bloggers

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Download The international community is calling for the release of three Vietnamese bloggers who're facing trial for spreading propaganda against the state.

The request comes after the mother of one of the bloggers committed suicide by setting herself on fire.

Radio Australia’s Zoe Daniel has more.

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Vietnam Loses Battle to Save the Javan Rhino

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Download Vietnam has lost its battle to save on of its iconic species, the Javan rhinoceros.

The World Wildlife Fund has confirmed that a carcass found earlier this year was of the last known Javan rhino in the country.

With many animals being traded as pets, or for their body parts which are used in traditional medicine, the global illegal animal trade is a multi-billion dollar business.

Vietnam's Javan rhino is just one of its latest victims.

Janak Rogers from Radio Australia has the report.

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Multi-million Compensation for Vietnam Fish Farmers

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Download  In what is being described as a landmark case, a Taiwanese owned manufacturer has made an out of court settlement with thousands of Vietnamese farmers who claim pollution caused by his firm significantly affected their livelihoods.

Vedan Vietnam, which makes food additives including monosodium glutamate (known as MSG), reportedly discharged waste water in such quantities into the local river that it damaged the ecosystem.

Thousands of fish and shrimp farmers claimed the toxic waters killed their catch and ruined farmland along the river's banks.

Vedan has admitted responsibility and offered compensation worth 11.5 million US dollar to farmers in three provinces.

Bo Hill of Radio Australia has the story.


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