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The Controversial Statue of ‘The Butcher of Banda’s’

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Download Was he a national hero – or a butcher?

Jan Pieterszoon Coen is one of Holland’s most famous historical figures.

He headed the Dutch East India Company in the early 17th century, when it controlled the so-called spice islands – in Indonesia today.

When the Banda Islands refused to sell their spices at a cheap price, Coen massacred them – and got his nickname ‘the Butcher of Banda’.

It’s 400 years since he first left Holland – and now his home town Hoorn has an exhibition about him.

But his legacy is on trial.

At the exhibition, visitors can join a playful lawsuit, to judge whether Coen is worthy of the town’s honour or not.

Esther de Jong travelled to the town and stood eye to eye with ‘The Butcher’.

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Aleta Ba’un, the Indonesian ‘Avatar’

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Download Aleta Ba’un is the hero of a new comic strip “Inspirations from Molo” – but her bravery in real life is far more impressive.

Molo is an indigenous community in Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara province.

They’re celebrated for winning massive fights against marble mining companies – and Aleta Ba’un is their strongest leader.

Timor island, where she lives, is rich in oil, gas, gold and marble – and it has 19 marble mines scattered across it. It’s  the province’s second largest source of income.

But the mines have polluted rivers and destroyed villages in Molo, the island’s greenest area.

Arin Swandari travels there to meet Mama Aleta, housewife-turned-activist.

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Make Peace, Play Football

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Download Some people play football only to win – for them, it’s all about who scores the most goals.

But others believe it’s more than a game: because it’s a team sport, it can teach people to cooperate together.

Religious conflict is a burning issue in Indonesia. Recent studies show that in both religious schools and high schools, radical violence against minority communities is a real threat.

This includes Banten province, often called a ‘hotbed’ of radicalism.

Can football promote peace in Banten?

Damar Fery Ardiyan visited an Islamic school there to find out.

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Securing Child’s Rights Born Out of Legal Wedlock in Indonesia

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Download Last month the constitutional court of Indonesia made a landmark decision to put the names of biological fathers of illegitimate children, on the children’s birth certificates.

The 1974 marriage law does not acknowledge unregistered marriages.  

‘Kawin siri’ entails an Islamic wedding performed by a Muslim cleric not authorised by the Department of Religion. It is still practised in Indonesia, but the relationships are not considered legal by the state.

Previously the children of these marriages were shunned and called ‘haram’.

Nur Azizah met the woman at the centre of this landmark case.

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Southeast Asia’s Biggest Buddhist Temple Under Threat

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Download Southeast Asia’s oldest and biggest Buddhist temple complex is under threat from coal mining in western Indonesia.

The Muarojambi temples were built in the 14th century and were only rediscovered in the 1970s – they’re in line for UNESCO World Cultural Heritage listing.

But coal mining, the biggest business in the local area, threatens to damage the temples beyond repair.

Quinawaty Pasaribu traveled to the province of Jambi in Sumatera for this report.

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